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Thunderhill Raceway

November 11 2022

Online Registration OPEN!  If you register after 9am on Thursday, Nov 10th, please bring proof of registration on your phone or a paper copy.


OPEN TRACK and TESTING EVENT for Cars on Friday November 11th at Thunderhill  Raceway   

Format:  HPDE session(s) + Race Testing Sessions

Event Hours:  9:00am to 5pm

Race Testing Groups 'A1' and 'A2' will have more time throughout the day.

Non Race Run Groups:  

  • Mixed
  • Advanced
  • Run Group Definitions are >Here

Guest Groups?  None

Track: 3 Mile East Course - We will be running the last 2+ hours of the day in Clockwise Direction for Group A NASA testing and for the HPDE Group(s).  

Pre Register 'Race Testing' Entry Fee for single car:  $295   

HPDE Entry Fee for single car:  $260.  Space is limited and these HPDE sessions are not for racers driving at race pace.  

Refunds & Cancellations:  Per our standard policy under the website menu header 'FAQs & Forms'.  If you're not familiar with our cancellation policy please review before completing your registration for this event.  This is a 'Rain or Shine' event.

TrackMasters Racing Refund Policy:

The TMR management team understands that there are occasions when drivers need to cancel or change their event reservations.  We all have dynamic business and personal lives that sometimes bump driving on the track to the bottom of the list.  If you have a situation that forces you to change your plans, then we would like you to understand our cancellation policy and why we've established time constraints around cancellations.

Each season TMR makes a huge financial investment to secure 15+ track reservations for all if it's members.  Despite what other clubs may be telling you, event 'costs' at these facilities range from $13K per day to over $34K per day depending on the time of year, day of week, track location, etc.  Therefore, it's extremely important that we do what we can to make sure that each event is filled and generates a positive cash flow.  With today's economy some events run 'in the red' and some are 'in the black'.  We host these events to satisfy our own passion for the sport and to provide you the opportunity to satisfy your driving ambitions.  Therefore we also need to make sure that at the end of each season we're 'in the black'.

TMR Cancellation Policy:

TrackMasters Racing will refund registration fees if cancellations are received 15 business days or more prior to event dates between the months of April to September. (in writing via e-mail to tmr.trackevents@gmail.com) 


Events that take place between October and March DO NOT have the 15 business day cancellation option and are considered 'No Refund' months unless you have someone to take your slot at the event, or we state in the description that refunds are allowed, or if we have rain cancellation insurance for the event. 

  • There are Absolutely No Refunds for cancellations within (3) business days of an event.
  • All Allowed Cancellations are subject to a $20 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations received within 4 and 15 business days before an event will only be refunded if you supply a driver/rider of equal skill to take your place, or if a waitlisted driver confirms and pays for your spot..   Please also review the highlighted note above regarding October to March event cancellations.
  • All credits should be used within the same calendar year unless approved by TMR management


The 3 day no refund policy is in place because during that period we are in the middle of final event preparation and have no time to take on additional tasks.  In addition, most drivers on the waitlist have typically already made other plans, or they can't commit due to the short notice.


All 'Season Pass' and 'TrackPack' related event fees are not refundable once the 15 business day window closes before the first event of the series.   'TrackPacks' within the months of October to March are subject to the same rules for single day events as noted above.


Weather related cancellations are not likely for the majority of our events. If there's a need to cancel due to severe weather, TMR will work with track management to minimize financial exposure and refund any remaining funds to each participant.  In some instances there could be a $25 fee to cover un-recoverable expenses.


We hope you can appreciate our position regarding event cancellations and we thank you for your cooperation.

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