Sonoma/Sears Point

August 27 2021


OPEN TRACK and RACE TESTING EVENT for Cars on Friday August 27th at Sonoma Raceway   

Format:  HPDE session(s) + Race Testing Sessions

Event Hours:  8:30am to 5pm

Race Testing Groups 'A1' and 'A2' will have more time throughout the day.

Testing Groups are:  

  • A1 Group is High Horsepower/speed (below 1:53 minute lap times)
  • A2 Group is Low Horsepower/speed (over 1:53 minute lap times) 

HPDE Session entries are for non-race prep'd cars and drivers not driving at race pace.  If you are testing, register for A1 or A2 above.  If HPDE, all drivers MUST HAVE prior track experience of at least (5) days on a racetrack.  Ideally, 3 of those at Sonoma Raceway.  HPDE Run Groups are: 

  • Advanced
  • Mixed / Intermediate
    Run Group Definitions are >Here

Guest Groups?  None

Track Configuration:  Normal race and HPDE route.  Carousel route at T4, tight T7, no Chicane at T9, long T11.  

CLOSED NOW BUT LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE!   2 FOR 1 Entry with a Garage!  Find a buddy and register for the 2 for 1 deal during the registration checkout process.  This gets you (2) Car Slots at the event and (1) Garage Bay. (1 bay holds 2 cars nose to tail)   This discount deal is limited to the first 30 drivers and this is open to all types of drivers. (race testing or HPDE)  After the 30 are gone, entries revert to full price.   The 2 for 1 deal price is $550.  (2 car slots and 1 garage bay)  Keep in mind that a normal test day at Sonoma is $525 per single car entry.

Pre Register 'Race Testing' Entry Fee for single car:  $400   ($440 at the track or after 50% full) 

HPDE Entry Fee for single car:  $325  ($350 after 50% full)   Space is limited and these HPDE sessions are not for racers driving at race pace.  Passing restrictions in corners 7 & 11 do apply in the HPDE sessions.

Refunds & Cancellations:  Per our standard policy under the website menu header 'FAQs & Forms'.  If you're not familiar with our cancellation policy please review before completing your registration for this event.  This is a 'Rain or Shine' event.

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