WeatherTech Raceway

February 9 - 10, 2019

Just Added!   Short Notice so register quickly!   Saturday/Sunday, Feb 9/10

This event is open to Mazda & Yamaha guests and those that have attended this event in the past.  If you are a TMR or ZoomZoom member who has attended this event in the past, you can attend this event.


TRY FOR (2) DAYS IS $350!!  Fee Covers Saturday AND Sunday!

Fee goes up to $350 on Jan 31st.

Format: This will be a 4 run group event with 2 groups for cars and 2 groups for motorcycles.  Advanced, Low int/Novice run groups for cars and Advanced, Low int/Novice run groups for motorcycles. 

Sound Rules for this Mazda Friends and Family event only - This is a rare 92db weekend event but due to prior issues with sound offenders we are now forced to hold the sound limit to 91.9db.  We are also implementing a '2 Strike' program to guarantee that any offenses are contained and not captured as 'over sound' violations with the County of Monterey. 

These rules were implemented the past 3 seasons of Mazda Friends & Family events with great success.  Thanks to all of you for your cooperation and efforts to keep the sound violations to a minimum. 

The following rules are in place for this and future Friends & Family events:

1. It is highly recommended that all vehicles have stock exhaust or an aftermarket system that generates the same sound level (or less) than a stock/factory system.

2. Black flags will be issued to those who break 91.9 decibels. This will give us a 1 decibel buffer. If you are black flagged, you will be asked to fix your equipment before going back onto the track. You will be required to show your fix to track officials prior to re-entry.

3. Sound Tests will still be allowed as per the tracks typical procedure.

4. If you exceed the 91.9 decibel limit a second time, you will be no longer be allowed to participate in the track weekend and....

a.  You will also not be allowed to participate in the next friends and family track weekend.

b.  You will be allowed back at the friends and family weekend after a one-event suspension.

c.  Should you exceed the sound limit another time after being suspended, you will have one opportunity to fix your equipment.  You will be asked to show your fix to track officials prior to track re-entry.

d.  If you exceed the sound limit again during the same weekend you will be permanently banned from all future Friends & Family events.  Not the track itself, just the Mazda Friends & Family events.

This should be another incredible weekend at this world famous track and we look forward to sharing the event with all of you!

All entries are non-refundable.

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