If you're new to this activity or a veteran from outside the area who can't haul your track car to Northern California, you have vehicle rental options available.  The following is a list of potential track car rental resources in the region.  If vehicles aren't available you can always rent a high performance vehicle from a one of the larger car rental firms in the nation.  (Corvette, Audi, Mustang, etc)

Larry Oka Racing
Web Site: http://larryoka.com/ 
Phone: 925-862-0172
Spec Miata Rentals 
TFB Performance at Sonoma Raceway
Tim Barber
Track Car Rental: Spec E30s and Spec Miatas
Ryan Lesher Motorsports
Track Car Rental: Spec Miata
Dietschwerks Arrive & Drive
Track Car Rental: Sport 190, Exige S260, Mini, Porsche, Sport Elise or standard Elise
Al Angulo Miata Rentals
Up to 10 Spec Miatas available!
Phone: 530-277-6311


TMR Events - 2021
WeatherTech Raceway
Jun 20
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jun 25
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jul 10
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jul 11
Thunderhill Raceway
Jul 30
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 6
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 21
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 22
Track Packs - 2021
2021 TrackPack #3 - Sonoma July 10/11
2021 TrackPack #6 - Sonoma August 21st & 22nd
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