Flags & Corner Workers

Communication is extremely important at every track event.  With everything going on around us on track we all need as much support as we can get to keep things safe.  In addition to Hand Signals, every event will have Corner Workers and Flags to communicate with drivers on track.  The Corner Workers are a drivers 2nd set of eyes and can keep us out of harms way in the event of an incident on course.  This is the primary reason why drivers should familarize themselves with the position of workers around the course, and look for them during each session. 

Remember, surprises are great at a party, but a very un-welcome thing on track!  Knowing the meaning of the flags used at our events is critical for yourself and the other drivers sharing the track with you.   Learn them, know where the workers are positioned around the course, and enjoy the comfort of knowing that you have another 10+ sets of eyes looking to keep you safe throughout the day!    


CHECKERED FLAG:  Black and white checkered. Waved as first car crosses finish line at the end of the final lap signifying the end of the session. NO PASSING is allowed after receiving the checkered flag.
GREEN FLAG: Solid green. Waved at the start of a Run Group Session or after the first lap under Yellow Flag conditions has been completed. Once the Green flag is shown, drivers can continue on track at speed according to the passing rules for their respective run group. 
YELLOW FLAG: Solid yellow. Adverse conditions exist ahead and therefore drivers should reduce speeds, fall in line, and not pass other cars on track until after they are past the issue that caused the Yellow condition, or until corner workers are no longer showing the Yellow flag. A Waiving Yellow Flag means that you are rapidly approaching an issue that has just occurred on track.  Some tracks also use flashing yellow lights in dangerous corners to futher alert drivers of a caution situation. (e.g. Infineon Raceway Turn #2)
WHITE FLAG: Solid white. 1 lap remaining before Checkered, service vehicle on track, or slow moving traffic ahead.
RED FLAG: Solid red. Indicates that an emergency situation has occurred and all vehicles must come to a safe but quick stop on track. Pull off to one side of the track or the other and within view of a corner worker. Leave room on the track for Safety Vehicles to pass, do not unbuckle your belts or helmet, and stay in your car unless it's on fire.. 
BLACK FLAG: Solid black. An individual driver Black Flag means that a driver has violated the rules during his/her session. However, this flag can also indicate that there is a mechanical issue with a vehicle on course that needs to be addressed for the safety of other drivers.  During a full course Black Flag drivers must bring their cars to the hotpits or paddock on the next lap so the event staff can deal with the situation on track.. NO PASSING is allowed during a full course Black Flag status.
MEATBALL: Solid black with an orange "meatball" indicates that a driver’s vehicle has a mechanical defect that needs to be addressed, or that a vehicle has violated the track’s maximum sound limits.  The driver must bring the car to the hotpits on their next lap to discuss the situation with track steward.
PASS / CHECK YOUR MIRRORS:  Blue with yellow diagonal stripe. Indicates to a driver that there is a faster car following closely behind, but not yet close enough for a pass. Drivers receiving this flag should immediately check their mirrors and issue a ‘point by’ hand signal to the approaching driver and leave adequate space on track for a safe pass. This is considered a courtesy to faster drivers.
SURFACE CONDITIONS: Yellow with red stripes. Debris, slippery, surface change.  Indicates there is debris or a change in the surface conditions. Proceed with caution.
HOT TOW / EMERGENCY VEHICLE ON COURSE: White with red cross. Indicates that ambulances, safety vehicles or emergency personnel are on the course.  This is typically shown with a Yellow Flag and follows the Emergency/Saftey vehicle from corner to corner.


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