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"May 1 was my first track day driving experience, and I just wanted to express to you what a great experience it was. Fred S. coached me along the first session with his intercom system, which was very helpful. To have an instructor in your ear while driving really helps you stay in the racing line to improve the experience. I would like to thank you for making it all happen. I cannot wait to get back on the track again as soon as possible"

"wanted to say thank you for a really great even last Friday. I had a awesome & educational day!  When asked the question 'would I do it again?', the answer is HELL yes!"

"This was an absolutely fabulous weekend. Loved the fact that you combined A & R on Saturday. Wow. What a day! And Sunday was also great and well coordinated with the other groups. The whole weekend was very well organized, and the other drivers were all very nice - and skilled. I can see why people speak highly of TrackMasters events. I'll definitely be coming back next season, and all of our crew felt the same way.  On a more personal note, also wanted to thank you for including me in the dinner Saturday night. You have a really fantastic core group and is was really nice to be a part of that camaraderie. Thanks again."

"Great event today! Your operations were smooth and flawless. Your staff was courteous and alert.  I appreciate the great job you and your staff did today."
"Thanks to Track Masters: the classroom instructor(s) and my personal instructor, Bob.  Those of us who needed assistance Sunday morning were accommodated effortlessly with no drama. I've done track days at Hallet in OK but never any professional instruction - just more experienced Hallet drivers. Actual instructors / instruction is GREAT... Especially the Track Masters instructors. I can't fully apply it yet, but 'knowing' that: 1) wait a bit longer to turn in; 2) slow down just a hair at turn entry & 3) turn more decisively to set up the proper exit will assist me greatly. Thank you all - you made drinking from a fire hose fun!"

"Just wanted to give a huge kudos and thanks to TMR for making my first official track day behind the wheel a memorable one. My track instructor (Ed) was extremely helpful and provided some excellent guidance and tips. The classroom instructors and Ed were so helpful that it only took halfway into my second session to get rid of a little bit of that white knuckle feeling so I had confidence I needed to start fine tuning things a little. However I still know I am still learning to crawl so will definitely be back for another one of your events soon. Thanks again for the lessons and a great time! "

"Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thanks for the great day yesterday at Thunderhill.  I really enjoyed the format of TrackMasters and my instructor, Joe, was a great resource – he truly helped me get my head around the things I was doing right and the things that I needed to improve upon (and the gentleman who did the B/C debriefings was also a great resource.  Looking forward to running with you guys again – keep up the great work and I hope to see you soon (after I reattach my rocker panel)."
"It was brilliant!  I can't compliment you enough on the quality of the day, the people, the atmosphere.  After half a day of tip toeing around Sears Point to make sure I didn't put a wheel wrong in the new car, I headed out with one of your instructors for a session.  He was very complimentary of my skill level and his confidence and tips provided a solid boost to my pace and own confidence.  Very much looking forward to the next event up at Thunderhill"

"I`d just like to share some thought`s with you on my 2nd event now with TrackMasters. Regarding my most recent run at Tunderhill in a word...Fantastic!.  7 times on track with out a glitch and I left with nothing else to be desired.  That coupled with 1st class administration from start to end made for a well rounded and terrific experience and track day. I have been running with many different organizations over many years and TrackMasters is my preferred choice now. Track time, organization and great pricing will guarantee my return."

"Hi Doug,  I had the pleasure of attending several of your track days this season and found them to be a very high quality experience. I drive a Porsche GT3 and also drive with NASA in the spec. 911 PRC series. I used to drive with 'XXXXX'd on XXXing' only but I will be switching and running with you next year. Thank you for keeping pricing reasonable and running well organized events with safety in mind."

"After almost two years of driving on all NorCal tracks with all the groups, I STRONGLY believe your group is the best!!!! In all aspects. I like your competitive prices. I love your "mixed" group, as it's better than getting stuck with the intermediates but staying out of the way of the "hardcore" folks, I love your clientele,  have a lot of friends there, and I like your track dates (and your website is cool, too). Just thought I let you know."

"Hello Doug. I participated in the Sears Point track day this weekend, and thought I'd let you know what a great time I had. It was my first track day, and while I have some driving skill I had no clue of what it would take to share the track respectfully with the other drivers. My instructor, and his wisdom & guidance made all the difference in me keeping my car on the asphalt. By the 3rd session I was putting his coaching into practice on every section of the track. I already understood that knowing when to go slow was the safe way, but he taught me that it is also the fast way.

Looking forward to my next event with Trackmasters.....soon as the rainy season is over!"

"I wanted to say "thanks" for running a great two-day event at Laguna Seca. My friends and I had a great time attending such a well organized event.  Also, I wanted to extend my thanks to my instructor for all five sessions on Saturday. He was an outstanding instructor, and he did a great job of teaching me the track and building my skills and confidence. By mid-day Sunday, I was consistently the fastest driver in the low-intermediate group! I will gladly request him again at future TMR events.
Look forward to seeing you all at the paddock again in the future."

"I want to thank you for the great time I had at the T-HILL event yesterday - my first event with your organization.  The event was very well organized and well run, and my fellow drivers were a friendly & helpful group.  Thanks for all the time & effort you've put into creating TrackMasters.  I'll be back!"

"I wanted to thank you and the team at trackmasters for a wonderful day yesterday.  I had a terrific time and was really impressed by everybody there.  My instructor was terrific - please send her my thanks and regards.  I think my favorite part of the day was getting to meet so many great people.  I really look forward to coming back to another track day soon!  Thanks again and best regards,"

"Hi Doug,
I wanted to pass along my feedback from Saturday at Laguna Seca.  I had a great time and you run a good tight event.  The instructor I had was terrific and I learned a great deal from him.  He did an excellent job of assessing my abilities and communicating to me how to improve out on the track.  I hope all of your instructors are as good as him.  Please pass along my thanks."






"Hi Doug-
I just got back from Thunderhill after running with Trackmasters for the first time.  I've done a lot of track days with various organizations, and I have one I like, some not so much.  Recently I ran with XXXX and won't do that again.  I had signed up with you for a few HPDE's over the last couple years but ended up with car problems so had to cancel.  I organize a lot of events and I have to say I was very impressed with how you organized and ran the day.  I run a large driving group and I am already telling people how impressed I was.  Safety and professionalism mean a lot to me and I believe the tone set by the person running the event will attract and affect the kind of people who come out.  There was a great group of people there today, and I had a blast!  I will be signing up for more.  Thanks again."  

"BTW – your Infineon event a few weeks ago was great…wet track is nervous but a great way to simmer down and focus for the day.  The majority of the day being dry and the cooperative other drivers (which is one of your group’s fortes), made another spectacular drivers event."    

"Thanks for coordinating the track event on Monday. My boyfriend and I had a great time on this very technical track. I would also like to mention that XXXX was a great instructor, and I had full control of my car and was driving at an incredible speed because of him. This event was definitely one of the more organized and structured events we've been to."

"Really like your events a lot. Serious fun and your "serious" attention to on track safe driving scores big points to this driver.
Congrats on a great great schedule!!!!!"

 "Looks like Trackmasters recognizes that 35 cars at a time at Laguna Seca is far too many for the drivers to enjoy sufficient opportunities to drive at their speed. Good job for providing us a great experience."

"This email is long overdue but I wanted to make sure and thank you guys for putting on the open track event. This was my first open track event ever and I can definitely say that i'll be back to Infineon.....and probably try Laguna Seca as well. My Instructor was perfect! At all times he knew what he was talking about when instructing me on the track. He was even nice enough to let me ride passenger with him in his race car. That was really helpful. I was able to actually see what he was explaining to me. I had a blast that day and loved learning what both my car and I were capable of.  The cars I saw show up for the event were pretty amazing and actually far beyond what I had expected. Once I get more free time (and $) I'll be out at more TMR events."

"Thanks for your response,  I look forward to driving with your group before the end of the year.  I've experienced track days with XYZ, XYXY, and Track Masters, Your school day is the best. Good instruction, off and on the track, Thanks."

"This past Friday was my first TMR event. Typically I find myself only able to participate in ABC events. I had a wonderful day and felt that the atmosphere and on track spirit was among the best I have ever witnessed at a track event. The increased run sessions were very much appreciated as well - events with only 4 sessions thru the course of an entire day leaves for too much standing around.  I absolutely look forward to participating in more TMR events in the future."

"I just wanted to let you know what a fine job you and your team did in putting on the Autocross event at Infineon last weekend. It was my first experience with the sport and I feel that the events format and your excellent instructors made it a very positive one. The amount of seat time on the AutoX course, coupled with the opportunity to drive on a world famous track (parade speed or not), makes this one of the best deals in motorsports. I look forward to another event!"


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