'Tiered' Event Pricing Program

What is 'Tiered' Pricing? - In an effort to offer our drivers greater flexibility around entry fees we have developed a Tiered pricing system for select events throughout the season.  Those drivers that are budget minded can sign-up for a Tier 2 entry and pay a reduced fee for the day, and those without budget concerns who want as much track time for their 'track buck' can sign-up and pay a slightly higher rate for a Tier 1 slot.

Both options typically provide our drivers more value than our competitors events, and this is why our Tiered events are so popular.  Tier 1 drivers normally receive (7) sessions, and Tier 2 drivers receive (5) sessions.  If we include other activities during a Tiered event such as races, time trials, or if we have a dedicated run session for a private group the event may consist of (6) sessions for Tier 1 drivers and (5) sessions for Tier 2 drivers.  Those drivers who want an additional session can get one via our Extra Session Cards.  These cards allow a driver to drive in (1) additional session in either the skill level above or below their current run group.

How does TMR the Tiered Sessions? - The schedules for 'Tiered' events are structured as (3) run group format events.  This means there are typically (7) sessions of the (3) different run group levels.  Those that choose to participate as Tier 2 drivers run the 1st (5) sessions for their skill/run group level and then their day is done sometime mid to late afternoon.  Those that choose to participate as Tier 1 drivers run  sessions all day for their skill/run group level.

Tier 1 pricing is selected if you want to run the day as a typical a 3 run group format, which means between 2 hours and 20 minutes or 2 hours and 40 minutes of track time! (depending on the track and other event features) Tier 1 drivers essentially run all day.

Tier 2 pricing is selected if you want to run the day as a typical 4 run group format.
Infineon events will produce approximately 2 hours of track time, and Thunderhill events will be 1 hour and 50 minutes. Tier 2 drivers run until sometime in the mid-afternoon and then they're done for the day.  If a Tier 2 driver wants to get an additional session in after their normal day is over, then they can buy an Extra Session Card at the event and drive another session.

Immediate & Obvious Benefits

  • Typically (7) Sessions for Tier 1 Price (lower priced than many (4) run group format events)
  • Typically (5) Sessions for Tier 2 Price (far lower price than almost all other (4) run group format events)
  • Tiered events offer shorter downtime/break between run sessions
  • Tier 2 day ends mid to late afternoon (which allows drivers to get in and get out early enough to be home for dinner!)
  • Tier 1 drivers run all day (maximum track time for your 'track buck')
  • Tier 2 drivers can essentially 'convert' to Tier 1 or something in-between by adding a session via the Extra Run Group cards. (for a nominal fee)
  • Two Price Points & Two Schedule Options to suite your individual needs.


TMR Events - 2021
WeatherTech Raceway
Jun 20
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jun 25
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jul 10
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jul 11
Thunderhill Raceway
Jul 30
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 6
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 21
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 22
Track Packs - 2021
2021 TrackPack #3 - Sonoma July 10/11
2021 TrackPack #6 - Sonoma August 21st & 22nd
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