Why should you drive with TrackMasters Racing?

  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Event Variety
  • Time Behind the Wheel
  • Value & Quality
  • We Care!

Experience - TMR is one of the most experienced track event organizers in Northern California with over 140 events experience entering the 2012 season.  We have seen, experienced, and managed just about every scenario you can imagine before, during, and after a track day!  Time tested and refined processes have allowed us to not only keep ahead of our competition, but to also keep our events running like 'well oiled machines'.  You know your processes are the best when other organizations copy them!   This experience, attention to the details, and true love for this activity is what differentiates us from others in the business that are around to just 'make a buck'.  Check out our 'Past Events' listing under 'About Us'.

Safety - This is the most important aspect of this business & activity.  Let's face it, aside from the few of us that have the luxury of being involved with motorsports full time, we're all 'weekend warriors' who want to play on a track with our friends and favorite toys!  Driving on a race track with one of your favorite toys is one of the most exhilirating stress outlets available - as long as it's safe!  We all have jobs and familiies to return to at the end of the day, so putting ourselves and our equipment at risk is not an option.  

TMR has one of the best (if not 'the' best) safety record in the business, and we've never had an on-track injury!  There are the occasional incidents where a driver runs his/her car into something on the track, but those are even few and far between at TMR events.  The key to managing safe events is to lay out very clear rules and to enforce those rules to eliminate unsafe behavior and 'surprise' situations on track.  In 2005 TMR implemented a '3 strikes rule' to warn, monitor, and ultimately remove drivers from the track if they continue to violate event rules.  This process has successfully associated consequences to 'undesireable behavior' on track, and has made TMR events a much safer place to drive your vehicle.

In addition to behavioral conditioning, TMR spends a significant amout of time prior to each event to ensure that the driver skills within each run group are similar.  This activity allows us to make changes to each run group's roster to ensure that drivers have a safe and satisfying experience on track.

Event Variety - As mentioned above, TMR has hosted well over 140 events in the region at Thunderhill, Infineon, and Mazda/Laguna Seca Raceways.  Our relationships with each of these facilities/partners are very healthy and the reason why we have a great selection of dates each season.  We also partner with many other organizations to provide TMR members more event opportunities each season. 

TMR is also the only club in the region that hosts combination events with Motorcycles, Shifter Go-Karts, and Cars!  We love all motorsports and have developed relationships and processes with a number of other organizations to bring a variety of vehicles together at these incredible race tracks!   TMR also hosts numerous Autocross events at Infineon Raceway each season and is always looking for other opportunities to enrich the track day experience.

Time Behind the Wheel - There's not doubt that TMR events give you the best balance of track time for your track buck!  We routinely host 3 run group events which provide drivers with 5 to 7 run sessions each event day.  We're also known for our 'Tiered' (variable) pricing program which give our members price options for track time.   Some other organizations in the region run 5 or more run groups, pack the track with too many vehicles, and use silly rules to pull cars off track if the traffic is too dense. (which is not safe or enjoyable).  

Value & Quality - If you shop around you'll quickly realize that you're comparing apples to oranges when you look at the differences between TMR events and others.  Drivers often approach us with messages similar to the following:  "I tried a cheap event with ACDC group and I'll never do that again".  Drivers often get spoiled at TMR events with the prices, service, and quality track time.  See our member quotes section under the 'About Us' button at the top of this page for more customer comments.

We Care!  The TMR team is made up of true enthuiests that have a love and passion for this activity.  Our staff members care about the experience all drivers have and are always willing to help someone in need on the track or in the paddock.  We're all at the track for the same reason... to enjoy the day, develop our driving skills, and have a great time in the process!  The TMR staff wants you to have as much fun as we do at the track because.....Driving on a race track is a wonderful thing!  

TMR Events - 2022
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jul 16
Sears Point Autocross
Jul 16
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jul 17
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 5
Sonoma/Sears Point
Nov 5
Sonoma/Sears Point
Nov 6
Thunderhill Raceway
Nov 11
WeatherTech Raceway
Nov 26
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