Vehicle Insurance for 'On Track' coverage:


Lockton HPDE® Insurance Program protects you where you need it most: the track. As any High-Performance Driver’s Education enthusiast knows, finding the coverage you need to protect yourself during events is almost impossible. Over the past ten years many auto insurers have changed their policies to exclude coverage for claims "occurring on a surface used for racing", "at a high-performance driving event", or "use of an auto at a racetrack".

Lockton HPDE Insurance Program is pleased to offer physical damage insurance for vehicles used in high-performance driving schools and tracks across the United States. We offer both single-event and annual, multi-pack policies, so you can pick the type of policy that most closely fits your needs.  Plus, it’s fast and easy to secure coverage! Our easy online system lets you get a premium indication instantly and you can even purchase your insurance policy electronically. It’s insurance at your fingertips.

Single-Event Policies
Lockton HPDE Insurance Program offers a la carte, single-event policies that protect your automobile while you are participating in an HPDE event. These single-event policies are a fantastic solution for enthusiasts who participate in five events or less per year.

Multi-Pack Policies
For enthusiasts more active in the hobby, we offer annual policy options that provide coverage at a discounted rate for multiple events in a policy year. Four different policy options allow you to choose a package that matches your level of activity in HPDE events.

Note: This insurance policy provides physical damage coverage for your automobile while you are participating in a High-Performance Driver Education event. This physical damage coverage will begin when you enter the grounds of a race course and end when you leave the race course premises. Liability coverage is not included in this policy.

Participants that have more than one (1) claim with Lockton HPDE Insurance Program in a 3-year period are not eligible for this coverage.


Life Fllight Insurance Companies





Reciprocal Partners
If you live in an area serviced by multiple air ambulance providers, we strongly advise you to consider joining all available membership programs to ensure the most comprehensive coverage for you and your family.

As part of AAMMP (The Association of Air Medical Membership Programs), CALSTAR membership includes reciprocal relationships with other nonprofit air ambulance providers. This means your CALSTAR membership travels with you to Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington and Montana. If one of our reciprocal partners transports you, they will honor your CALSTAR membership subject to the reciprocating program’s rules.

Reciprocal partners include:
Enloe Flight Care of Chico (CA) - Thunderhill
Careflight of Reno (NV) - Reno Fernley

Air Life of Oregon (Bend)
LifeFlight Network of Portland (OR)
Air St. Lukes (Boise, ID)
LifeFlight of Boise (lD)
Wyoming LifeFlight of Casper
Airlift Northwest (Seattle)
Northwest MedStar of Spokane (WA)
Portneuf LifeFlight of Pocatello (ID)

Saint Alphonsus  http://www.saintalphonsus.org/svc_li...whybecome.html

Life Flight is a member of the Association of Air Medical Membership Programs (AAMMP). Your Life Flight Membership will be honored for medically necessary air transports by the following reciprocating programs:

* Airlift Northwest
* Air Link of Bend
* Air St. Luke's
* Cal Star of California
* Care Flight of Reno
* Enloe Flight Care
* Life Flight Network
* Northwest Medstar
* Portneuf Life Flight
* Wyoming Life Flight



TMR Events - 2021
WeatherTech Raceway
Jun 20
Sonoma/Sears Point
Jun 25
Sonoma/Sears Point
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Sonoma/Sears Point
Jul 11
Thunderhill Raceway
Jul 30
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 6
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 21
Sonoma/Sears Point
Aug 22
Track Packs - 2021
2021 TrackPack #3 - Sonoma July 10/11
2021 TrackPack #6 - Sonoma August 21st & 22nd
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