Basic Safety Requirements

Seat Belts - All drivers and passengers must wear seat belts while on track.  Factory seat belts are fine, but we highly recommend 5 point harnesses for Advanced drivers.  If you are planning to outfit your car with 5 point harnesses, then we recommend that you also add a roll bar to your car.  Harnesses keep you upright in the seat, so you need the additional rigidity of a roll bar to ensure that your roof won't collapse in the event of a rollover. 

Roll Bars - A roll bar is a great investment in your safety and we would like to see all cars on track equiped with bars.  However, not all of us have dedicated track cars, so a roll bar may not be an option for you.  If you have a convertible you must have either factory roll protection (hoops, auto-deploying anti-roll posts, etc), or an aftermarket 4+ point roll bar.  Convertibles are not allowed in our Advanced run group without an aftermarket roll bar.   Hoops and auto-deploying posts are allowed in our lower run groups, but not in Advanced.

Helmets - Current requirement is SA2005.  For more information about helmets, helmet designs, ratings, etc., go to the following Snell Foundation link and look over the history of the motorsports helmet and other valuable information.  This is especially useful information if you're considering purchasing a new helmet.

     Snell Foundation Link:  http://www.smf.org/helmetfaq#aWhySnellHelmet

Fire Extinguisher - We recommend that all cars have an extinguisher, but this is not mandatory.

Clothing - Yes, please wear clothes!  Seriously, we prefer to see long pants and cotton long sleeve shirts at all of our events.  Short sleeve shirts are ok for hot weather months.  Driving shoes and a good pair of driving gloves are also recommended. 


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