Does TrackMasters Racing Run Events in the Rain?

Rain or Shine?  -  Does TrackMasters Racing run events if there's rain or the threat of rain?   The answer is 'Yes'.  The primary reason we run in questionable weather is because the bills come to us 'rain or shine' from most of the tracks where we host events.  Weather related cancellations are therefore not likely for the majority of our events. If there's a need to cancel due to weather, TMR will work with track management to minimize financial exposure and refund remaining funds to each participant.  In some instances there could be a $25 fee to cover un-recoverable expenses.

Rain Frequency - TMR has run over 160 events in the region over a 16 year period and we have a fairly good idea of which tracks to avoid during which months of the driving season .  Occasionally, Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, but most of time the tracks are dry enough to drive safely.

Driving in the rain - We all drive on the street in the rain, so why not on a track?  Exactly!  Driving a race track in questionable weather can be a very fun and rewarding experience.   Driving 'in the wet' also helps you develop new skills and gain a better & more precise feel for your vehicle's handling characteristics.  Here's a quote from a driver who attended an event that had both wet & dry conditions throughout the day:

"BTW – your Infineon event a few weeks ago was great…wet track is nervous but a great way to simmer down and focus for the day.  The majority of the day being dry and the cooperative other drivers (which is one of your group’s fortes), made another spectacular drivers event."   

The keys are to:
a.  'slow down'
b.  be very  'smooth' with the application of steering, throttle, and brakes
c.  modify your line and increase the size of the arc you are driving through each corner
d.  try to drive the driest line on the track and avoid puddles & painted surfaces such as entry and exit berms.
e.  make sure you're not running deeply shaved or race/slick tires.  Treaded tires are an absolute must for the wet and the deeper the tread the better!

The message here is to not let a little rain scare you away from the track.  Come to the event with a different attitude and set of expectations & goals.  Don't push too hard, don't try to attain your personal best lap times, and accept the event for what it is....skills development.  Drive slower, modify your line around corners, and enjoy the rare experience that will eventually make you an overall better driver!   

All Wheel Drive vehicle owners...  Drivers with all wheel drive cars have no excuses and should be looking for every opportunity to drive in wet weather events! 

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