TrackMasters Racing - The founder of TrackMasters Racing (Doug Gale) has been organizing and hosting High Performance Instructional Driving Events and Charitable Collector Car Shows in Northern California since 1996. Like many of you, Doug has a passion for vehicles and loves to build cars &  drive them 'flat out'!  In 2002 Doug left his role as the founder of another large regional track club to build a new club with values that he felt were more in-line with the majority of us ‘part time’ enthusiasts.   Individuals who share a common set of values regarding their vehicles, personal safety, and overall track experience.

Doug also has over 30 years of complex project management experience with Hewlett Packard and JSI Integrated Solutions and has leveraged this experience to efficiently and effectively manage over 170 TMR track events.

Fun and Safety for you and your car is the top priority at TMR events.  Aside from the occasional mechanical breakdown, TMR has a near perfect event safety record. Those who have run at any of our events know that it's all about safe track time, and camaraderie on the track and in the paddock! 

TrackMasters Racing Charter - As mentioned above, TrackMasters Racing was formed to get back to the basic values that many of us share regarding High Performance Driving Events. Larger organizations tend to be too commercialized, less personal, and crowded. TMR's goal is to put on High Performance Driving Events that are unsurpassed in Quality, Safety, and Value while maintaining the personal touch expected from a smaller organization.

Instruction - One on one instruction is available at many events but is limited to instructor availability. When available, TMR will pair you up with an experienced instructor who will coach you on the skills necessary to navigate your vehicle around the track at speed. Whatever your comfort level, we'll tailor the instruction to satisfy your personal goals.

The process we use is to have you and your assigned instructor 'connect' before an event to discuss your skills and/or concerns. The instructor will then determine which aspects of car control you may need to focus on to satisfy your personal goals and objectives for the day. 

Time Trials - TMR has no plans to conduct timed events at this time. Timed events are viewed as 'competition' by insurers and therefore increase the risks to members and the entities hosting the events. However, we are looking into the purchase of AMB lap timing equipment so those with this type transponder can monitor their lapping information.  We currently use AIM and HotLap transponders.

Racing - TMR events are considered High Performance Driver Education events and racing is NOT allowed OR acceptable. Competitive Racing increases the risks to members, members vehicles, and the entities hosting the events. Racing events also require different event and vehicle insurance coverages. Your personal vehicle insurance coverage will most likely NOT cover damage incurred during competitive racing events.  See the FAQs & Forms menu item at the top of the page for more details about insurance and coverage for your vehicle.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please go to the 'FAQs & Forms' menu item at the top of this page. 

TMR Events - 2020
Sonoma/Sears Point
Nov 21
Sears Point Autocross
Nov 21
Sears Pt. Garage Spac
Nov 21
Sonoma/Sears Point
Nov 22
Sears Pt. Garage Spac
Nov 22
WeatherTech Raceway
Dec 12
Track Packs - 2020
TrackPack #4 - Sonoma Nov 21 & 22
Shrink List