2007 Prince D Sports Race/Track Car

Sunday, November 11, 2012

D Sports Race Car: SCCA DSR class legal approved with log book.

Well sorted, professionally maintained , stored at Auto Spa at Sonoma Raceway , Sears Point Ca.

The car is a blast to drive , very quick , very predictable handling . No accidents or shunts . Extremely well built and safe car , very durable and rock solid . All maintenance items were carefully and routinely taken care of without issues by professionals.

Car fits drivers up to 6'1" and 225lbs.

Aluminum monocoque chassis was designed and and hand built by Prince Race Car Engineering in Sterling Ill. Pat Prince has been building racecars for 30 years.

This car was built meticulously with no expense spared . All bearings / rod ends are Aurora A series and PWB series . All suspension parts and chassis tubular parts are 4130N , tig welded and properly normalized . Tub is hard fiveted 6160-T6 , all joints bonded w/Hysol EA9430 . Panel work is done to .010" tolerance , and is dead square front to rear . The chassis design was designed and stress analyzed on Pro-E , suspension designed and simulated on the Bill Mitchell program .

Wheelbase 87" , Front track (centerline of tires) is 51.5" , rear track is 49.5" , weight 860lbs. wet .

Recent ATL fuel cell replacement with new firewall / heat shielding installed . Custom stainless header with Iconel Shield (wrap) system to contain heat from engine and fuel cell . Rear exiting exhaust for sound control , option for (Laguna Seca) second muffler . New Stohr single element rear wing. New Stohr Air box. New restraints. Double adjustable Penske shocks by Stimola . Low hr. GDRE 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000 with .015 milled head with billet baffled wet sump pan . 2 track (not test) days on rebuild . Spares - complete body , front and rear suspension upper and lower arms (new) , 1 set Jongbloed wheels with Hoosiers slicks , 1 set Kodiak wheels with rains , right and left side pods , front splitter/venturi, sprockets , chains , etc.

For those that are interested in entering D Sports Racing (SCCA) but not ready for the added expense of the Stohr DSR or just want the ultimate track day car, this would be an excellent car. I have gone through the sorting and shake out process necessary on any race car thus the many changes we made to the exhaust, cooling, fuel system, air box, rear wing, and body. This car would be a great training platform for a younger driver. Solid stable handling in a very sturdy safe construction. With the basically stock motor and a driver weighing 230 lbs I was very quick in the car at Sears Point running 1:34 laps on the long course with fresh tires. This car is very competitive and just needs someone to drive it.

Watch a Youtube video of a test session search: "Sonoma Raceway Test Day" and you'll see a 20 minute session.

Asking: $25,000 or best offer.

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