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Welcome To TrackMasters Racing!    October 12 and Nov 21/22 Sonoma Events Now Open!  Nov 21 Autocross Event Now Open!


Welcome Drivers and Riders  and thank you   for   considering  participation  in  a  TrackMasters High  Performance  Driving or Riding event this season!

Our Experience - Over the past 20 years TMR has hosted over  220 High Performance Driving Education  Events in Northern California and is known as one of the most experienced track day providers on the west coast.

Your Safety - TMR also has one of the most impressive safety records in the business!  Safety combined with the highest quality track time for your dollar are just a couple of reasons why drivers keep coming back to TMR for their track driving experiences!


Navigating this Website - To start exploring the site and our operation, run your mouse over the 'FAQs & Forms' menu item at the top of this page, as this is where you'll find the most valuable group and event related information.  Membership is FREE so feel free to create your own user account so you're ready to register for an event now or in the future.  

Discount Programs - TMR has a variety of event discount options for budget minded drivers and drivers who demand the most seat time possible.  If you're looking for the highest quality experience for your 'track buck', then you've come to the right place!  Spend a little time on the site to learn more about our programs and processes, and while you're at it make sure you look over our 'Tiered' price events and 'TrackPacks'.  We're sure you'll appreciate the value and environment we provide at all of our events. 


 2015 Event Schedule:  

Track Event Date Day of Week Description
Sonoma/Sears Point Sonoma Raceway - 3 Run Group Format Oct 12 2015 Monday Cars and Motorcycles at Sonoma Raceway. 3 Run group format

Mazda Raceway Unlimited Sound Nov 1 at Mazda Raceway!! Nov 1 2015 Sunday (2)TMR Advanced Run Groups at Mazda Raceway with Unlimited sound! Both groups are for Advanced Drivers only. See description for details.

Mazda Raceway Nov 1 Mazda Raceway Unlimited Sound Waitlist Nov 1 2015 Sunday Registration for Unlimited Sound Day for Waitlisted Drivers

Sonoma/Sears Point Sonoma Raceway Charity Event Nov 21 2015 Saturday 12th Annual Charities for Children Track Event - Saturday Entry

Sears Point Autocross Sonoma Raceway Autocross Nov 21 2015 Saturday Paddock Autocross at Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma/Sears Point Sonoma Raceway Nov 22 2015 Sunday 12th Annual Charities for Children Track Event - Sunday Entry

Coaches & Event Staff Instructor and/or Staff Volunteer List - NOT AN EVENT Nov 23 -Dec 31 2015 Monday /Thursday If you would like to volunteer to Coach and/or be a TMR staff member for events during this season, please use this reg. process.

TMR Events - 2015
Sonoma/Sears Point
Oct 12
Mazda Raceway
Nov 1
Mazda Raceway
Nov 1
Sonoma/Sears Point
Nov 21
Sears Point Autocross
Nov 21
Sonoma/Sears Point
Nov 22
Coaches & Event Staff
Nov 23
Track Packs - 2015
TrackPack #22 - Sonoma/Sears Point Nov 21/22 Charity Weekend
Shrink List